Episode 32 – New Houses! New Keywords! and GenCon Vault Tour decks – Big Week for KeyForge Fans

We all sorta knew it was coming but at GenCon Fantasy Flight Games announced 2 new houses coming to KeyForge. KeyForge Worlds Collide is coming this November!!! We even got to see some of the new cards played on stream. This week we dig into everything that came out of GenCon including keywords, cards, and the new houses themselves. We also discuss how we feel about the houses that are rotating out.

Finally we end the episode reviewing the decks that won the Vault Tours at Gen Con. As always be sure to check out all our other avenues for distributing content, iTunes, Pandora, Breaker, and YouTube. We love this game and hope to continue making videos like this for a long time.

P.S. Sorry this one is a day late, we were traveling this weekend and didn’t have time to record and edit over the weekend.

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