Episode 24 – Age of Ascension Strategy

We’ve been playing a lot of KeyForge Age of Ascension, and in this weeks KeyForge podcast episode we discuss strategies for analyzing your deck and figuring out your gameplan. It is still early in KeyForge AoA, but strategies are starting to emerge.

There are 3 types of decks we are seeing in Age of Ascension

  • Board Presence: Decks with value driven creatures
  • Control Decks: Board Wipes and Amber Control
  • Amber Generation: You don’t care about board, and just focus on gaining Amber

Each of these decks have good and bad matchups, and all decks have some degree of each element. Meaning some decks can be both board presence and control, but its up to you to figure out how you play, and when you pivot to other strategies.

We are also testing a new audio setup, and did have some background noise in the audio, but we didn’t think it was bad enough not to post. Next week we are going to try and record at a quieter time at our house.

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