Episode 22 – Atlanta Vault Tour: KeyForge, Great Games, and Community

This weeks episode is a day late due to us traveling back from the Atlanta Vault Tour. We had so much fun meeting everyone, and playing some fantastic games of KeyForge. It really makes us excited about the future of KeyForge after seeing the competition and the community that KeyForge has.

In this episode we talk about our time at the Vault Tour, how we fared, and what we learned while we were there. Some things were surprising to us, after being limited to our local game store and the Crucible for the past 6 months, we learned a ton just by playing different people.

Let us know if we met you at the Vault Tour, we’d love to connect usernames with each of you!

Also check out the Bouncing Deathquark podcast, as these guys make great KeyForge content:

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