Episode 21 – We need more KeyForge Formats

If you look at the behemoth Magic the Gathering and compare it to KeyForge there are some massive differences. One that we believe is vital to the success of card games is community driven gameplay formats. Things like Commander, Pauper, and 2 Headed Giant help keep Magic the Gathering fresh. KeyForge needs more formats, and we need the community to help drive them.

The one that we talk about is called 7 Kingdoms, while it isn’t perfect hopefully it gets everyone else thinking about ways to keep KeyForge exciting.

7 Kingdoms


You are a ruler of 3 kingdoms. Your goal is to expand your presence across all 7 kingdoms. As you unlock new technologies other houses will join the fight with you.


3 KeyForge Decks

Deck 1: Any 3 houses, any deck (no restrictions)

Deck 2: 3 houses (2 brand new ones)

Deck 3: 3 houses (2 brand new ones)

You start the game with Deck 1 shuffle and setup like normal.

Deck 2 is shuffled and put under your first key

Deck 3 is shuffled and put under your second key


You start by only playing with Deck 1, play like normal until you unlock your first key. As soon as you unlock your first key, shuffle the 2nd deck into your remaining deck. Do not shuffle in your discard pile. All other rules stay the same, expect now you have 5 houses to work with.

Once you unlock your 2nd Key, shuffle the 3rd deck in with the remaining cards you have in your deck. You are now playing with all 3 decks.

Final Notes:

Adding a deck unlocks new potential and abilities, but also makes it harder to have a big game changing turns. As your kingdom grows your ability to play a ton of cards in a turn diminishes. There are strategies that you can utilize to improve your blowout turns, but those are discovered as you build your 7 kingdoms.

The Ruler to forge their 3rd key wins the game, don’t forget to separate your decks back into 3 distinct decks at the end.

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