Episode 11 – Should you Mulligan in KeyForge?

There are so many things on our minds about KeyForge, so its hard to fit them into every podcast episode. So please check back every week for new topics that we hope you will love. We’ve also loved the feedback we’ve been getting on Reddit and YouTube, and are constantly trying to make our videos better, so keep them coming as well!

This week we discuss why Mulligan in KeyForge is actually very powerful. I’ve put together an interesting approach on how often you should mulligan as well as what to look for when going first or second. My opinions are constantly changing, but this is one that I feel very strongly about. Bottom Line, everyone should be shuffling their cards and getting a new set a lot more than we actually are.

Age of Ascension, which is coming out soon also has some new cards that we are excited about. We talk about the Sanctum cards that we are excited about. Honestly all of them are amazing! Finally we are headed to a sealed tournament tomorrow, if you are in our local LGS we look forward to see you there!


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