Episode 10 – KeyForge Strategy: When to Play or Hold a Card?

In this KeyForge podcast episode we share our current thoughts on when we should hold on to a card. This is something that is constantly changing in our minds, and will most likely be something we revisit in the future months. We’ve played tons of games trying out different ways of valuing cards, and ultimately we think it comes down to a few key things.

We love KeyForge strategy, and have a laundry list of other topics to talk about, but if you have something particular you’d like to discuss give us a shout out over on YouTube!

I also always appreciate critical feedback, but please don’t leave negative comments. We are passionate about KeyForge and just want to share our passion through this weekly podcast. Every week we are looking for tips/tricks on how to get better, so if you have ideas pleas share those.

Finally we are going to be release more frequent videos as new cards are released. But we won’t stop our weekly episode that focuses on gameplay, news, and strategy talk.

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