Episode 7 – New Cards in Logos, Sanctum, and Mars

In this KeyForge podcast episode we talk about the new cards revealed in Logos, Sanctum, and Mars. Age of Ascension is sure to have a lot more surprises for all of us, but the initial taste Fantasy Flight Games has given us is amazing.

I think the biggest surprise in these houses is the number of abilities that seem like cross overs from other houses. The new keyword Deploy also seems incredibly powerful, and we can’t wait to try it out.

We are going to an Archon tournament soon, let us know any tips and advice you may have as we head into our first chainbound event. Our local game store is starting to take KeyForge seriously, and we are excited to be apart of it.

Part 3 of our initial impressions will be coming out in a couple days, so check back often. Subscribe to our KeyForge podcasts to get notifications when we release new videos and audio podcasts. Until next time keep playing KeyForge and help build this amazing game to something great!

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