Episode 30 – Artifact Control in Age of Ascension

In this weeks podcast episode we talk about artifact control in Age of Ascension. It always feels like there isn’t enough ways to deal with artifacts, so we put that to the test by running the numbers. In this episode we discuss the rarity, and count of artifact control cards in AoA.

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Episode 29 – How Bad is that Creature for me? Playing against must answer creatures.

In this episode we take a different approach and examine some individual cards and discuss how highly we value destroying that creature. On a scale of 1 – 5 (1 we don’t worry about it, to 5 we do anything possible to kill it) we discuss how we each rate different creatures in Keyforge.

Episode 28 – How to Prioritize “Must-Answer” Creatures

With Age of Ascension, KeyForge has a huge amount of must answer creatures. We all know what playing against these feels like, but how do we think about these in terms of our overall strategy. There is no tried and true formula (yet, and likely there never will be), but we just casually talk about how it may effect your game plan. Next weeks episode we are going to talk about how we deal with playing against must-answer creatures.

Episode 27: Amber Control: Age of Ascension vs Call of the Archons

Age of Ascension feels like it has less Amber control in general, so we put that to the test and compared the numbers to Call of the Archons. While our numbers are probably not 100% accurate, what we did find out is pretty surprising. It appears there are really only 3 houses that have any decent amount of Amber Control in Age of Ascension.

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Episode 26 – KeyForge Holding Cards Strategy Discussion!

One of the hardest things to figure out in KeyForge is when you should hold onto a card. In this episode we pick 9 cards to talk about when we’d hold, and when we’d just play the card. Definitely feel free to disagree with us, as there is no perfect formula for determining optimal play in KeyForge. We are hoping to get more people talking about this topic, so that we can all get better at this game.

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Episode 25 – Good to Great: 5 Stages of KeyForge Strategy

In this weeks episode we talk about the stages or levels of players go through as they get better at KeyForge. The real key is to understand where you are and your opponents are so you can adjust your strategy. Also its important to remember when teaching new players that they really do need to go through each stage to fully understand the game, so cater your training so you help nudge them to the next level.

Please let us know what stage you are in, and if you agree with our thoughts here.

Episode 24 – Age of Ascension Strategy

We’ve been playing a lot of KeyForge Age of Ascension, and in this weeks KeyForge podcast episode we discuss strategies for analyzing your deck and figuring out your gameplan. It is still early in KeyForge AoA, but strategies are starting to emerge.

There are 3 types of decks we are seeing in Age of Ascension

  • Board Presence: Decks with value driven creatures
  • Control Decks: Board Wipes and Amber Control
  • Amber Generation: You don’t care about board, and just focus on gaining Amber

Each of these decks have good and bad matchups, and all decks have some degree of each element. Meaning some decks can be both board presence and control, but its up to you to figure out how you play, and when you pivot to other strategies.

We are also testing a new audio setup, and did have some background noise in the audio, but we didn’t think it was bad enough not to post. Next week we are going to try and record at a quieter time at our house.

Episode 23 – Age of Ascension First Impressions and Errata’s

This week was full of too much news to discuss in a single episode, but we gave it a try anyway. The first big topic is the changes to Bait and Switch, and Library Access. We then move to our initial impressions of Age of Ascension. We were fortunate to get to play in a sealed event, so we’ve got a decent number of games in.

Let us know your thoughts so far, and if you think the game is headed in the right direction!

Episode 22 – Atlanta Vault Tour: KeyForge, Great Games, and Community

This weeks episode is a day late due to us traveling back from the Atlanta Vault Tour. We had so much fun meeting everyone, and playing some fantastic games of KeyForge. It really makes us excited about the future of KeyForge after seeing the competition and the community that KeyForge has.

In this episode we talk about our time at the Vault Tour, how we fared, and what we learned while we were there. Some things were surprising to us, after being limited to our local game store and the Crucible for the past 6 months, we learned a ton just by playing different people.

Let us know if we met you at the Vault Tour, we’d love to connect usernames with each of you!

Also check out the Bouncing Deathquark podcast, as these guys make great KeyForge content:

Episode 21 – We need more KeyForge Formats

If you look at the behemoth Magic the Gathering and compare it to KeyForge there are some massive differences. One that we believe is vital to the success of card games is community driven gameplay formats. Things like Commander, Pauper, and 2 Headed Giant help keep Magic the Gathering fresh. KeyForge needs more formats, and we need the community to help drive them.

The one that we talk about is called 7 Kingdoms, while it isn’t perfect hopefully it gets everyone else thinking about ways to keep KeyForge exciting.

7 Kingdoms


You are a ruler of 3 kingdoms. Your goal is to expand your presence across all 7 kingdoms. As you unlock new technologies other houses will join the fight with you.


3 KeyForge Decks

Deck 1: Any 3 houses, any deck (no restrictions)

Deck 2: 3 houses (2 brand new ones)

Deck 3: 3 houses (2 brand new ones)

You start the game with Deck 1 shuffle and setup like normal.

Deck 2 is shuffled and put under your first key

Deck 3 is shuffled and put under your second key


You start by only playing with Deck 1, play like normal until you unlock your first key. As soon as you unlock your first key, shuffle the 2nd deck into your remaining deck. Do not shuffle in your discard pile. All other rules stay the same, expect now you have 5 houses to work with.

Once you unlock your 2nd Key, shuffle the 3rd deck in with the remaining cards you have in your deck. You are now playing with all 3 decks.

Final Notes:

Adding a deck unlocks new potential and abilities, but also makes it harder to have a big game changing turns. As your kingdom grows your ability to play a ton of cards in a turn diminishes. There are strategies that you can utilize to improve your blowout turns, but those are discovered as you build your 7 kingdoms.

The Ruler to forge their 3rd key wins the game, don’t forget to separate your decks back into 3 distinct decks at the end.